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Design & Manufacture of "X-Treme" Patented Expandable Hoses

Demonstrating that opportunity exists even during adverse economic conditions, Amflex' custom designed and manufactured "X-Treme" patented expandable hose, has proven to be one of its most successful product developments. 

The manufacturing of the hose' inner diameter of 2.0", with an outer diameter of 2.48" were inspected during the winding process to ensure their range is within ±.005" tolerances. The process is finished by applying the specific ends that meet customer' needs. The end result of this manufacturing process, is a high-quality, durable hose with an outstanding lifetime service.

As oil prices hit $140/barrel in 2008, polyethylene prices and transportation costs for commodities skyrocketed, forcing us to take a long, hard look at our operation system. The Dust Collection hose, light, inexpensive, and traditionally one of the most popular products, was becoming more expensive to produce due to these increases in costs. Price increases were out of the question due to the economic downturn, and phasing out the product line was not an option to be considered. Amflex' product development team put on their design and thinking caps on to create the X-Treme Vac Hose. 

X-treme Patented Expandable Hoses

After months of hard work, the first  prototypes of the X-Treme vac hose were produced, a spirally wound hose that expands lengthwise at a 3:1 ratio. Streamline manufacturing operations were devised to fabricate this new product at the most cost-effective way. This polyolefin dust collection hose ranges from 1" to 6" ID (Inside Diameter) and in lengths up to 50' contracted (75' Expanded). This space-saving design significantly reduces shipping costs, warehouse storage, and it is easier to handle - a win-win all around.

For more information about our "X-treme patented expandable hoses, please contact Amflex today.

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Custom Hose Manufacturing Project Highlights

Product Description This "X-Treme" Expandable hose is used within a dust collection application.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Conversation of a Conventional Hose to A Folding Type Hose that will Expand at a 3:1 Ratio
Spirally Wound
Equipment Used to Manufacture Hoses Extruder
Spiral Wound Machine
Overall Hose Dimensions
Diameter: 1" to 6"
Length: Up to 50' Contracted
Expandable Length Wise at a 3:1 Ratio
Tightest Tolerances ±.005"
Material Used Polyolefin Blend
Finish (Color) Black and Clear
Saves Space When Contracted
  • This Reduced Shipping to 1/3 Cost of the Original Product
  • Takes Up 1/3 of the Space in Clients Warehouses
In process testing/inspection performed In-Line Inspection Sizing Tool
Industry for Use Dust Collection
Quantity 60,000 Lengths
Turnaround Time Just In Time Deliveries
Delivery Location Nationwide

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Amflex Plastics Inc. | Improving Our Customers Bottom Line Since 1996