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Supply & Manufacturing of Short Section Pool Hoses

As a contractor for Leslie's Swimming Pool Supplies, Amflex Plastics, Inc. manufactured a variety of the hoses sold in their stores but we were actively seeking additional business. Leslie's offered us an opportunity to supply the full mix of short section hoses for their automatic pool cleaners, but it hinged on our ability to effectively produce a specialty leader hose with a tapered design that was only required in small quantities.

Our R&D team took up the challenge to create the complex tooling required to transition the hose diameter from 1.5" to 1.25" through a 4' section of hose in a manner that would be cost-effective for low volume production. Using a polyolefin blend, our advanced extruding and spiral winding equipment and a variable sized gear head, we fabricated the hose to within the required ±.020" tolerances, verified by our in-line inspection tools. Specifications also required polyweld leak-proof cuffs and final assembly of the ends.

Aguaflex Supply & Manufacturing of Short Section Pool Hoses

A short eight weeks later, we were able to present Leslie's with a working sample that was exactly per specification, of better quality than their current imported version, and, most importantly, we were able to offer them a better price. Because of this success, we are proud to say that we are now producing all 250,000 short sections of automatic pool cleaner hoses for Leslie's replacement market, which keeps their costs low and streamlines their buying operations.

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Custom Hose Manufacturing Project Highlights

Product Description We were asked to manufacture and supply a tapered short section pool hose for automatic pool cleaners.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Research and Development
  • Created Tooling that Changed the Hose Diameter Through a 4 Foot Section
  • We were proud of our short turnaround time for such a complex design.
Spirally Wound
Polyweld-Leak Proof Cuffs
  • Assemble Ends to Hose Supply
  • Warehouse Items Based off of Our Clients Monthly Projections
  • Product is Picked Up from Out Location Packaging
  • Create Special Packaging for the Client
Equipment Used to Manufacture Hoses
Spiral Wound Machine
Variable Size Gear Head
Overall Hose Dimensions Diameter: Transitions from 1.5" to 1.25"
Length: 3' TO 25'
Tightest Tolerances ±.020"
Material Used Polyolefin Blend
Finish (Color) White and Frost Gray
In process testing/inspection performed In-Line Sizing Tool
Industry for Use Pool Cleaning
Quantity 250,000 sections
Turnaround Time Just In Time Deliveries
Standards Met Customer Supplied Specifications
Project Name Manufacturing & Supply of Pool Hose

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Amflex Plastics Inc. | Improving Our Customers Bottom Line Since 1996